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Orchids are one of the most beautiful blooms in existence and like any other plant, require some measure of care to ensure good health and continuous growth.

  • Ensure that the orchids receive a lot of indirect sunlight but no direct light
  • Water on average once per week
  • It’s very important to dry out the plant between watering so as not to create rotting
  • Use a time release granular fertilizer; use according to the level of strength indicated
  • Biweekly use a liquid feed (water soluble fertilizer)
  • An even temperature of between 85 and 90 degrees is optimum; no lower than 50 degrees; plants must be protected if temperatures dip below 50 degrees
  • Only repot once plants have outgrown their original pot
  • We provide inexpensive repotting services for any orchid (includes pot, fertilizer, etc.)

“Less is More”

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